Busy busy busy

The past few days has been absolutley full. Firstly, my bag was left in Finland for a day. So I didn't get it until seven on friday night. We went to Kitzbhüel before lunch, looked around a bit. They have the worlds most famous and hardest downhill slope there. We took a coffee and looked at some cool buildings. On the afternoon we went to Lofer, my aunt has some friends there that owns a whole skiresort or something, so we was in one of the lifts there, it was huge and it was scary to climb up of the ladder. Before that, I ate some pizza, it was good. Then we went home and didn't do anything important, but my bag came. The funny thing is that 5 minutes before my bag showed up, I was on the phone with my mum crying because I wanted it. 
Yesterday the christening held place. I've never been to a catholic church before, so that was something new. It had lots of paintings and stuff, really beautiful. The christening was in Waidring, where my aunts boyfriend is born. After the christening but before the dinner with many Austrian people, we went to St. Johan and bought some souvenirs. We ate ice-cream, and I'm not joking when I say it was the best thing I've ever eaten (except the melon). The dinner was nice. Didn't understand what anyone said because everyone was speaking german, I was scared. But I made some Austrian friends on facebook, so that's positive. 
I was up by 6am today, dad drove me to Munich where my flight left at 10.30. I've been in Helsinki since 1pm and I'm about to board in 30 minutes. It's been really boring, but there's free wifi, which saved me a bit. Right now I just want to go home and sleep and not go to school tomorrow... But in the morning, I have an interview witha a school that I want to attend to after England, so let's hope for the best. I have to go back to school after that, then I'm free on friday because of the nationalday. Next monday is the dinner for all the people in our year. Like a good-bye-dinner. Then we graduate on wednesday and then on friday iT'S ONE DIRECTION. On saturday it'S ONE DIRECTION, AGAIN. Then apperently, my dad and I, we're going on a trip by ourselves, And it's going to be the week after that. Then it's just work and then ENGLAND. It's 87 days left, less than 3 months, it's crazy. 
Now I'm going to keep sitting here and then go on the plane and then come home and hope my bag is with the plane this time. 
Home before I left. Also my new profile-picture on facebook. 
My new shoes, they're already dirty. 
In the car from Munich to Waidring. 
You gottta have it, Best of Yodeling.
A bit of Kitzbhüel.
Some good stuff. 
In the car-selfie.
In Lofer. 
On a mountain, by a lake.
Lift-selfie with Alex!
Before the christening, you gotta be happy. 
Church, if you didn't notice.
St. Johan. 
My kickass ice-cream. 
My kickass ice-cream and me. 
Before dinner. 
Cows on the road from Waidring to Muncih. 
I have to board my flight now, bye!


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