First day in school!

Today was the first day in school, which was pretty exciting. But we didn't really do anything. We got to our form rooms, listened to some people. Then we listened to some other people. THen we could go to the 6th form annex for some coffee and stuff. I spillt coffee all over myself, Emily, Emily and the floor. So I smell coffee now. Good first inpression! Apperently we have thursday and friday off. So another 4 days of no school. But on monday the lessons will start as per usual. Every other wednesday I have like 3 periods off and some of them is by lunch. So I have like 4 hours of nothing but studying in school then. 
But I have chosen 4 subjects. Drama, Mats, Biology and Music. The time table is really weird if you compare to Sweden, so I'll explain it another time. Apperently, 6th form is really hard. But I hope I'll make it. I'm going for an introduction at the gym by 5.30 today, then it's nothing else planned. 
But I met some new people today, so it was nice. Other than that, I don't have anything else to tell you. 
Loving Brid. 

Anna säger:

För lite information för att en mor ska vara nöjd.

2014-09-03 | 16:24:34

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