Today have just been a chill day. I was about to hang out with Emily, Emily, Britt and Bente. But I just felt for a chill day at home, because I haven't had one yet. So I've just been practicing the guitar, eating bananas and watched TV-shows. When Dawn came home, we just started making dinner because we were both really hungry. Then Natalie came in, she scared me to death. We talked a bit, she was with us when we ate. After dinner we went to Tesco's, I bought biscuits! Now I've eaten too many, so I feel sick. But I have my tea and water. Tomorrow isn't really planned. I think I'm going to the café, because Dawn missed me today. Then maybe I will just walk around a bit. 
Nothing else has really happend for the past 24 hours. Not that eventful. 

Good day

It's been a really good day today. Firstly I woke up, cleaned my room and went to the coffee shop. Went to buy a guitar, ate some lunch. Then Emily and Emily came. We went to a little river/pond and fed some ducks. I hate birds. We went to another river and just sat and talked for ages. They're two of my favorite Emily's. Then I went back home, I didn't have time to get through the door before my hostmother said that we were going to the beach because the weather was amazing. But first we went to John and Linda's. So the whole thing ended up with that all of us went to Bridlington for some dinner. Sarah was with us, so I hung out with her for a bit. We are having drama together, so that will be nice to know someone there. We went back to their house. Had a coffee, got some chords for the guitar and John tuned it as well. So I guess I will in for the whole day tomorrow, practicing. 
Now we are back home, I think I'm going to bed soon. Don't really have anything planned for tomorrow, maybe I'll go to the gym. 
I have some other pictures when we fed the ducks. I'll get them when my phone is charged. 

First day in school!

Today was the first day in school, which was pretty exciting. But we didn't really do anything. We got to our form rooms, listened to some people. Then we listened to some other people. THen we could go to the 6th form annex for some coffee and stuff. I spillt coffee all over myself, Emily, Emily and the floor. So I smell coffee now. Good first inpression! Apperently we have thursday and friday off. So another 4 days of no school. But on monday the lessons will start as per usual. Every other wednesday I have like 3 periods off and some of them is by lunch. So I have like 4 hours of nothing but studying in school then. 
But I have chosen 4 subjects. Drama, Mats, Biology and Music. The time table is really weird if you compare to Sweden, so I'll explain it another time. Apperently, 6th form is really hard. But I hope I'll make it. I'm going for an introduction at the gym by 5.30 today, then it's nothing else planned. 
But I met some new people today, so it was nice. Other than that, I don't have anything else to tell you. 
Loving Brid. 


Yesterday I met some new people. The day started with that Nathalie my neighbour and I went for a walk around Driff. We ended up on the big street and my hostmothers coffeeshop. After that, we went to boots to buy some things, then we just walked in and out of the stores. We went to the coffeeshop again to eat some lunch, then we just went home. I was home for about 30 min, then I got a message on facebook from Emily. She's also going to sixth form and was at the café with Dawn. So Dawn went to get me and then me, Emily and Emily walked around a bit. After that Dawn and I went to the big sports centre and got me a membership. I was about to meet up with Emily and Josh by 8.15 yesterday evening. That ment that I was going to walk a bit on my own for the first time. The results of that, well I was lost. But eventually we found each other. So we worked out a bit and then it was time to get home. They followed me to my house so I wouldn't be alone. But I didn't really know the way, so we were lost. It's a good thing that Google Maps exists. But it was really nice to meet some people before school starts, so I won't be alone. 
Today, my hostmother and I, we are going to Beverly and another place which I can't remember the name on. Need to buy 3 more folders, so I have one for each subject. School starts tomorrow! 
This cat is actually a dog. 
Then it was some "I'm lost and scared" photos. 
See you. 

London Camp

When I left this Wednesday, I was leaving for the London Camp and not my host family. So when I arrived we had to wait for some other people. Then we switched terminals and met up with some people from Into. We were droven in a minibus to the hostel that we were staying at. And then, we waited. We waited for other students, we waited for food, we waited for everything. Thursday was a bit more intresting. We had breakfast at 8, then we left in differen coaches to a boat ride along the Thames. Then we arrived to Greenwich with the boat about 45 minutes later. Then we took the bus to Camden Town. I bought a couple of things there. 
- Lee denim jacket
- Sunglasses
- Yellow raincoat
- Schampoo, conditioner and toothpaste
- A bronzer
- 2 pairs of Superga
Then we went to the hostel again for dinner. Nothing special happend that night, spent some time with Karen form Denmark. 
Then on friday we left after breakfast for Big Ben. We walked from there to Westminster Abbey, through the gardens and then to Buckingham Palace. It as the changing of guards, so it was really cool. Then we went to the London Eye. I'm a bit scared of heights, so it was quite scary. Then it was time for Oxford street. I didn't by that much there, because I didn't know how I would be able to carry all my things. 
- Underwear
- 2 t-shirts
- Makeup things
- Training stuff
- Sweat pants
- A long, black, blazer
- Pyjamas
- Hogwarts shirt
Then at saturday we left by 8.45 to Kings Kross station. Our train left at 11.35 so we had to wait for like 2 hours. We had to switch trains in Doncaster so we could transfer to Driffield. We only had 7 minutes between the transfer so we missed it. Had to wait for another 45 minutes. But then we finally arrived! Our hostfamilies were there, Sue our local rep was there and it was a big hugparty going on.
I will tell you about my days in Driffield as soon as I can. But I have to get up and shower, then I will take a walk and see if I can find my way around. Then I will go to my hostmothers Café, take a cup of tea maybe. See you soon.