Today have just been a chill day. I was about to hang out with Emily, Emily, Britt and Bente. But I just felt for a chill day at home, because I haven't had one yet. So I've just been practicing the guitar, eating bananas and watched TV-shows. When Dawn came home, we just started making dinner because we were both really hungry. Then Natalie came in, she scared me to death. We talked a bit, she was with us when we ate. After dinner we went to Tesco's, I bought biscuits! Now I've eaten too many, so I feel sick. But I have my tea and water. Tomorrow isn't really planned. I think I'm going to the café, because Dawn missed me today. Then maybe I will just walk around a bit. 
Nothing else has really happend for the past 24 hours. Not that eventful. 


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