Fråga på

Ställ lite frågor så ska jag ta och svara på dom. 


Skillnaderna mellan England och Sverige är fler än vad folk tror. Många i Sverige fragede mig varför jag åkte till England, "Det är så likt Sverige." Det känns som om idealet i Sverige är att åka till USA. Det hade vart väldigt häftigt att åka dit, eller till Australien, Sydafrika etc. Men jag åkte till England. Så nu ska jag skriva ett inlägg där jag berättar om skillnaderna och likheterna, inte bara med Sverige utan med andra länder runt om i världen också. Lite roliga och dumma saker som folk har sagt och frågat mig också. Plus en del sarkasm.
  • The first one is the most obvious one, they drive on the left hand side of the road.
  • In America, people say lunch and dinner for lunch and dinner. Here in England, especially Yorkshire, we say dinnerf or lunch and tea for dinner. So the meal you eat in the middle of the day in school, is usually called dinner. The meal you have with your family by night, is called tea or teatime. You have the usual Sunday Dinner, but this is often eaten by 3 o'clock.
  • In all sorts of shops when you want to pay, they always say "You alright Love?" or something similar.
  • You can learn how to drive when you are 17. But you are not allowed to take lessons when you are 16 like in Sweden, so it can take a couple of months for them to learn how to drive.
  • You can't go on facebook, twitter, instagram, shoppin sites or anything like that on the school wifi. It's only suitable for google, youtube and the other school websites. Luckily they haven't blocked Swedish websites, so I can go on Aftonbladet and read the Swedish news.
  • People can get crazy about the soaps. You can't miss Coronation Street, East Enders or Emmerdale, no you have to see it and their bad acting.
  • Something else they are crazy about is cards. They love cards more than life. You can go anywhere and they have a wide selection of cards. They even have a shop called the Card Factory. You don't want to go in there during christmastime.
  • If you want help from a teacher, you have to say "miss" or "sir" and you don't call them by their first name. I think it's a really Swedish thing with first-name-basis. Well more Scandinavian even, they don't do it anywhere else.
  • I go to Sixth Form, they also have a thing called college. It's like Sweden's Gymnasium, but only for four years. You don't say that you are going to school, you are saying that you're going to Sixth Form or College if you go to College.
  • You have to wear uniform until you start Sixth Form at my school.
  • The school buildings are so far apart. My school is rather big, so it can take about 5 minutes to walk from drama-block to DT where I have photography.
  • The Yorkshire accent is staring to come to me now. In Yorkshire, people often take away "the" or "to". So if you say that you are going to Tesco it often ends up with "I'm off Tesco's."
  • When you are crossing a road with red lights, it beeps when it's green.
  • They actually do drink tea all the time. Never too late for a cuppa.
  • If you want to with the train to Hull, youn have to be prepared to pay quite a lot. The trains here are really expensive and they go at really bad times. A return to Hull is almost £10, but the Bus to York is only £5 for a return.
  • All these 1 P's. It's so annoying, too many of them.
  • No snow in the winter. This is the second winter a row that they haveb't had any snow at all.
  • Everyone has really small cars. Since the insurance is so expensive, the smaller car you get, the cheaper it is for you.
  • Everyone loves a Fiat 500 here.
  • The amount of charity shops they have in Driffield is unreal.
  • They love their frozen food.
  • You have two teachers for each subject, it can be more, but each teacher has abot 4/5 lessons with you during two weeks. As for me, I only have Mr.Colley once during week B but three times during week A.
  • It's all different units in school. Different units and different AO's (assestement objects). "Today we are going to start AO57".
  • If I could count all the times someone asked me if I went home for christmas, I would be amazing at maths.
  • "Ah, you're from Sweden, then you must know who Zlatan is then?" - I have his number, should I call him?
  • "So if you're from Sweden, you must be going to IKEA all the time then?" - Yeah, my second home.
  • "Can you teach me some Swedish?" "Yeah sure, what do you want to know?" "My name is..." "Alrgiht, Jag heter..." "Can you teach me something easier?" - well you won't learn any Swedish anyways because you suck.
  • "Can everyone in Sweden talk English?" - No, we are all disabled in Sweden.
  • "Do you have WiFi in Sweden?" - Amy Walton, 2014.
  • My new favorite expression is "a few bits and bobs".
  • They have the best bookstore ever here. WHSmith.
  • "Why are you so tall?" - Because my parents are short.
  • The streets aren't wide enough for cars to park on both sides, what are people doing? Parking on both sides of the road. What happens? It takes forever to drive down the road because you have to pull over for other cars. Thank you.
  • "Omg how are you so good at English?" - I went to school. 
  • "Can you understand everything we're saying?" - No, nothing. That's why I'm answering your question right now. 
  • If you are in Sixth Form, you can basically do whatever you want. If you are in Y7-11 they teachers are so disrespectful. Not my cup of tea. 
  • You can't go to a public sunbed (solarium) until you are 18. 
  • You got to love DPD Driver Dave. 
  • Those Y10-11's who stand outside school smoking are the coolest kids in Driff. Watch out for them. 
  • A lot of 14-year olds work, which you would never see in Sweden. 
  • "Isn't it like really cold in Sweden?" - Yes, and it's bloody freezing here as well.
Here are some things that I've noticed and things that people ask me all the time. Sorrynotsorry for not posting anything in a while. Have a cool weekend. It's my birthday in a week. It has been cold today. Apperently it's going to snow soon. I had mocks this week, I'm tired from them. Cool. 
Me and Amy at NYE. 
Lovely friends at NYE. 
I'm working them Instagram-filters.
Am I really????????
Because Amy is the sun. 
This morning.
Me, if you didn't notice. 
Me and Amy saved a hedgehog a couple of months ago. With a stick. 
Got a Swedish delivery before christmas. 
Enjoying my one and only julmust.
Är det jag???????

There's a world outside my bedroom window

Sometimes you don't need to go far to see a nice view.
Looking up to the sky, knowing that there is a whole world out there to explore. I can't wait.