Good day

It's been a really good day today. Firstly I woke up, cleaned my room and went to the coffee shop. Went to buy a guitar, ate some lunch. Then Emily and Emily came. We went to a little river/pond and fed some ducks. I hate birds. We went to another river and just sat and talked for ages. They're two of my favorite Emily's. Then I went back home, I didn't have time to get through the door before my hostmother said that we were going to the beach because the weather was amazing. But first we went to John and Linda's. So the whole thing ended up with that all of us went to Bridlington for some dinner. Sarah was with us, so I hung out with her for a bit. We are having drama together, so that will be nice to know someone there. We went back to their house. Had a coffee, got some chords for the guitar and John tuned it as well. So I guess I will in for the whole day tomorrow, practicing. 
Now we are back home, I think I'm going to bed soon. Don't really have anything planned for tomorrow, maybe I'll go to the gym. 
I have some other pictures when we fed the ducks. I'll get them when my phone is charged. 

Bara brittiskt säger:

Haha, ja Brid har man galna minnen från. Dock inte Driffield men därifrån kom en kollega till mig i York. Kul att du hamnat just där.

2014-09-09 | 00:05:22

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