Yesterday I met some new people. The day started with that Nathalie my neighbour and I went for a walk around Driff. We ended up on the big street and my hostmothers coffeeshop. After that, we went to boots to buy some things, then we just walked in and out of the stores. We went to the coffeeshop again to eat some lunch, then we just went home. I was home for about 30 min, then I got a message on facebook from Emily. She's also going to sixth form and was at the café with Dawn. So Dawn went to get me and then me, Emily and Emily walked around a bit. After that Dawn and I went to the big sports centre and got me a membership. I was about to meet up with Emily and Josh by 8.15 yesterday evening. That ment that I was going to walk a bit on my own for the first time. The results of that, well I was lost. But eventually we found each other. So we worked out a bit and then it was time to get home. They followed me to my house so I wouldn't be alone. But I didn't really know the way, so we were lost. It's a good thing that Google Maps exists. But it was really nice to meet some people before school starts, so I won't be alone. 
Today, my hostmother and I, we are going to Beverly and another place which I can't remember the name on. Need to buy 3 more folders, so I have one for each subject. School starts tomorrow! 
This cat is actually a dog. 
Then it was some "I'm lost and scared" photos. 
See you. 


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