Exactly 3 months!!

I'm skyping with Louisa right now and we just discoverd that it's exactly 3 months until I'm leaving. I'm skyping with her at the moment and I can't really talk so I'm just mumbling. I'm going to study for a bit afterwards because I have a lot to do. Tomorrow I have my entrance exam at IHGR at 9 o'clock, I'm not going back to school after that so I have a really long weekend. My flight leaves by 1pm on Thursday and I will be in Munich by 5.30, then my dad picks me up and we're going to Waidring after that. I'm going home on Sunday by 11 am I think, it's going to be nice to see some family again. The bad thing is that all of them is really bad at english (except my aunt, but she's talking swedish so that's not a problem) and I can't talk german, so that sucks for me and for them, because now I'm going to laugh at them all without they knowing about it. 
On Monday I have an interview at a school, so no test there. The bad thing about the school I'm going to on monday is that I have to move if I get in there. But it's the programme I want to study, so you have to give some things up. (I'm really sad now because I got some cookies but I ate them, so now I dont have any left.)
I wrote this post in english just so Louisa understands, because I don't think someone else who don't know english reads this, but this is for you Louisa! Louisa is eating right now and I'm going to get some more cookies and then study a bit (yeah right) and then take a shower before I'm heading to bead. 
Here's a picture from the PDS. See you.


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